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February 09 2013


Afterburn Effect Workout

Hello, I’m Michael, thanks for visiting my website afterburneffectworkout.org

 Perhaps we’ve shared the same experiences, have the same weight problems, the same deflating drudge of buying solution after solution over the net to have our hopes dashed as little benefit was gained despite the repetitious and boring exercises, crunches and diets.


Tags: burn more fat

December 21 2012


Ideal Body Fat

Knowing your ideal body fat percentage is of utmost importance to every single person to be aware if they are truly healthy. This is much more important to people who are in dire need of losing weight. To society, having a great body does not only mean having a healthy body but also living a healthy and sociable lifestyle. Looking great is tantamount to feeling great. And all that it entails is having the perfect body fat percentage.

Tags: body fat

December 18 2012


Reduce thigh fat

Have you been trying to reduce thigh fat yet nothing happened? Have you tried a lot of thigh exercises yet you end up getting exhausted and you lose nothing? Have you ever looked on your great big thighs and you feel so disappointed for having it? Do you have problems wearing fitting pants and shorts? Do you hate the feeling of two thighs as if kissing one another? Do you consider it as a hindrance to your physical appearance? Well, if you failed even if you keep on trying, try to look back on things you do, it may not be enough.


Tags: reduce thigh fat
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